Pool Hours:10am - 9pm  Tuesday-Sunday

As Members of the Kirby Creek Homeowners Association, all Homeowners share liability for any accident that may occur in the pool area.  It is to your benefit to follow these rules so a safe swimming experience is ensured.

1. Pool restricted to Residents and up to FOUR guests. Guests must be accompanied by Resident.  Photo ID required.
2. NO person under 16 years of age allowed without parent or guardian.  Photo ID required.
3. Proper swim wear only, NO cut-offs, NO diapers of any kind allowed in the pool.
4. NO person with skin abrasions, open sores, cuts, skin disease, eye disease, nasal or ear discharge, or communicable disease allowed in pool.
5. NO person shall alter or remove safety equipment (Ring Buoy and Shepherd’s Crook) except in a bona fide emergency.  These are for emergencies only and are NOT toys.  People violating this rule will be asked to leave the pool.  Continued violation will result in suspension of pool privileges.
6. NO person is allowed to play with the weir gates located inside the skimmer wells. This equipment helps the pool skim dirt from the surface of the water and keeps the pool clean.  Those found removing these Gates and destroying the flotation foam will be asked to leave the pool.
7. NO sharp objects or glass of any kind are allowed in the pool or pool area.
8. NO pets allowed in the pool or pool area.
9. NO running, rough play, ball playing, pushing, or wrestling in the pool or pool area.
10. NO diving.
11. NO profanity or obscene language allowed.
12. NO eating, drinking or smoking in the pool.
13. NO barbeque grills.
14. When the gate is locked, the pool is closed. The pool is closed on a regular maintenance schedule or for other maintenance or regulatory reasons.  Stay out of the pool when it is closed.  Crawling under or climbing over the fence in order to enter the pool area is considered trespassing.  Trespassers will be prosecuted.
15. Only water toys allowed in the pool area, no skate boards, skates, roller blades, bicycles allowed in the pool or pool area.
16. The pool and pool area are not to be used by any clubhouse renter or their guests.


Updated: August 2018

/docs/Pool rulesUPDATED2018.pdf